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Welcome to Children of Diversity!

We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Children of Diversity, believes that there should be a continuum of services available for families and children.  This continuum starts with home based services designed to strengthen and maintain the family as a unit, moves to using the extended family as a resource then to foster care.  Out of home services should be based as close to the families community as possible and designed to bring about reunification of the family as rapidly as possible with after care services provided.  In providing foster/adoptive care, it is understood that the purpose is for short-term care, with reunification of the family as the main goal.  In situations where there is no family or reunification is not possible, Children of Diversity, will provide long-term foster care or assist in preparation toward adoption or emancipation.

Our mission is to provide a stable, nurturing, and supportive family environment for every child in order to reach their full potential in an ever changing global society. 

Our program goals are to:

  • provide effective accountability with on-going training of foster-adopt parents and support staff; and
  • ensure compliance with DFPS’ minimum standards and regulations

Our philosophy on Children in Care:
Greatness is expected of youth here at Children of Diversity, but we recognize it may occur in their future. Youth should have a sense of hope for the future and feelings of joy every day. Youth have a need for growth. They want to succeed, and they have the power to change and take positive control of their lives. Seeking a higher purpose in our lives is ingrained in everyone. Religious and spiritual expressions are natural parts of our existence. Youth are valued as individuals and accepted where they are in their lives. They should be empowered to participate in decisions that affect their lives. The decisions should be individualized, developmentally appropriate and made in their best interests.

To the individuals, children, and families we serve:

Transformation is accomplished through intentional, meaningful healing relationships that connect us to others. Youth learn values and moral courage by interacting with and observing staff they respect and admire, and who are kind, nurturing, and caringly set limits and boundaries. 

In fact, our community helps youth identify and nurture their individual strengths and assets. Involvement in our community is an essential element for positive growth. Achievement based on real accomplishments is necessary for development. Our community will provide a variety of opportunities for youth to develop and utilize their strengths.

    Philosophy on Foster/Adoptive Parents:

  • Teamwork:  Children grow in the structured environment of a nurturing foster-adopt family 

    Commitment: is the characteristic of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose.

    Quality: services we provide are supported by sound research to be effective with the population we serve in order to enhance independence from service provision as well as build skills needed for success.

    Resilience: We aim to help kids overcome crisis by cultivating resilience within them.

  • Professionalism: means that we provide the utmost exemplary, quality services to every child, family, internal and external customer, and community member with whom we come into contact.

    Leadership: in Children of Diversity is defined by the ability to structure and communicate a shared vision to our staff and working together toward our common mission by combining quality care with business thinking.

    Safety:Our goal is to make every child feel safe – To feel happy, warm and loved.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of Children of Diversity!


Candice Enecio, Executive Director,
Children of Diversity

Contact Us

For more information contact
Candice Enecio

Services Provided

  • Children:
    • Family Living Environment
    • Medical, Dental, and Vision Services
    • Medication Services
    • Educational/Vocational Services
    • Recreational Activities
    • Information Sharing (when applicable)
    • Service Planning
    • Counseling
    • Home Visits / Supervision
    • Preparation for Adult Living
    • Record Maintenance
  • Foster-Adopt Families:
    • Foster-Adopt Family Recruitment
    • Foster-Adopt Family Training
    • Home Studies
    • Legal Assistance
    • Counseling Services
    • Home Visits / Supervision
    • Record Maintenance
    • Respite Services
    • Support Groups